We use local postal from Virginia. Once your order is placed, we ship your items out from Virginia within a period of 2-3 business days upon receipt of payment. You will receive a shipping notification the day that your order is shipped. We provide a regular shipping option (which does not provide a tracking number), and an express shipping option with tracking.
For regular shipping (no tracking number is provided):
– Domestic orders usually arrive within 2-8 business days after the shipping date,
– International orders can take up to 30 business days after the shipping date, depending on customs.

For express shipping (which provides a tracking number):
– Domestic orders are delivered within 2 business days after the shipping date.
To ensure the lead times can be met, you should check that you have provided complete and accurate information concerning the delivery address (such as street number, house/building number, zip codes, names and/or numbers, etc.). Inaccurate information may result in longer delivery times or re-shipments.
For international orders, please provide your phone number as your local postal service might need to contact you via phone to complete the delivery.
Please note that for international orders, Khadijah and Cat is not responsible for any international customs or taxes that may be imposed. Please check with your local customs office about rules and regulations that may apply to you.
We accept all payments that are compatible with square. If you would like to get in touch with us about a different billing method, please feel free to us.

Enjoy FREE shipping for orders over $100.